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Opera Dragonfly Announced

I just received an e-mail from Opera’s Chief Web Opener.  It said the alpha version of its web developer tool is coming soon.  Message quoted below:

With the launch of Opera 9.5 beta 2, the pieces are now in place to announce our next product – Opera Dragonfly. The product team has been hard at work on this release since last year and it is just about ready to leave the labs.

Opera has always strictly followed Web standards, and prides itself on giving Web developers and designers the latest standards to advance the state of the art on the Web.

Our Focus on Web Standards

The latest release of our rendering engine – Presto Core-2.1 – is a culmination of our standards commitment and will be found in Opera 9.5 on various platforms and devices.  Our improved standards support now includes full CSS selectors, HSL, text-shadow, JavaScript 1.5 getters and setters, HTML5 getElementsByClassName, improved Canvas support, and much more.

Opera’s support for standards is further demonstrated by <>, our Web development tutorial site. In addition, Opera’s Open the Web initiative focuses on making the Web a more standards-compliant place by giving developers hands-on help and support with their work.

The Dragonfly Is About To Land

But there was something missing. Opera has—until now—lacked one important piece of the jigsaw, but this missing piece is being added as you read. We are proud to announce Opera’s all-new developer tool — Opera Dragonfly. With Opera Dragonfly’s alpha release on the 6th of May, 2008, developers will have an array of new tools to debug Web sites and applications from within the Opera Browser.

Opera Dragonfly’s alpha release is still under active development as it matures to become ready for beta and final releases. We want your feedback and feature requests for the initial alpha release to make sure it fits your needs and makes your work easier. Over the coming months and years, we will continually develop Opera Dragonfly to realize our vision of first-class developer tools, and add even further functionality to the product. The alpha release is a first snapshot and foundation for that vision.

Opera Dragonfly will be available on the 6th of May at <>.



David Storey

Chief Web Opener

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Since I Last Posted

A lot has happened since I last did a major news post.

  • Microsoft has released Office 2007, Microsoft Exchange 2007, Windows Vista, Windows Live Search, Windows Live Messenger and other new software for 2007.
  • Windows Genuine Advantage has also spread to Microsoft Genuine Office Advantage.
  • I will have just posted to my blog for the first time using Office 2007.
  • Mozilla has released Firefox 2.0 and is working on Firefox 3.0 which brings a new rendering engine that passes the Acid 2 test of browser rending engine capabilities, and a new bookmark management system.
  • Mozilla is about to release Thunderbird 2.0 which has an improved User Interface and organization of messages into conversations.
  • G-Mail now has the ability to import mail from other accounts via POP3.
  • See the last post on Windows Home Server.

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Windows Home Server

Microsoft recently released Beta 2 of Microsoft Windows Home Server. I have just received it and will blog about it when it is installed. It is a way for a home user to set up a computer as a local file, printer, and media server for their home.

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Windows Vista RC1

Microsoft has recently publically released the first and probably frinal release canidate for Microsoft Windows Vista.  This version of the operating system has an improved graphics imfrastructure, increase visual affects (and system requirments), along with many other features.  It will come out towards the end of 2006.  It is a step up from previous veersion of windows.  I plan to talk about it more in depth when I have my own copy.

For Pricing and Information:
Microsoft sets Vista prices, expands testing | CNET

To Download:
BetaNews Fileforum: Windows Vista (English 32-Bit)

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Microsoft’s Private Folder Application Taken Down

Microsoft recently took down their Private Folder 1.0 Application.

This program was one of the programs offered in their “Genuine” Windows Users Advantage Program. ( The program creates a Private Folder on the desktop of the computer. Upon clicking on the folder one is asked to enter in a password to access the files inside. Eventually the folder can be locked again to remove access to the files.

Upon releasing this program, Microsoft came under substantial criticism as:

  1. The folder is hidden from administrators.
  2. All data is lost if the password is forgotten.
  3. Any amount and/or type of files can be stored in the folder.

While I think it is a smart idea to remove the files from Microsoft’s web site for the moment, I also think as there is a definite advantage to allowing users to have a place to password protect files that normally can not be encrypted and password protected in their basic file format, Microsoft should release a new version of the program with improved features instead such as:

  • Limitation of the types of files that can be stored in the folder. For example, maybe only text files and no file types that can have passwords added to them by themselves (ex. Microsoft Word Documents and Adobe PDF Documents).
  • Administrators should be able to disable the use of the program throughout their network by the use of a specific Network Policy.
  • The files should be accessible without a password to the domain administrator (the primary administrator in large networks); however, affected users should be warned about this.
  • The folder should be accessible by accessing the hard drive through other operating systems. (The file should not be encrypted in the folder.)
  • There should be some way to reset or retrieve the password. For example, there could be a security question or a floppy disk that the user could insert and run a program to change the password (such as for the Windows xp Login Password Reset Disk).
  • The application could only downloaded by a user who is over 18 years old or else given parental permission. Such as with Microsoft Connect (the public bug reporting system for Internet Explorer 7) where a parental consent form has to be sent to Microsoft before younger users can use the service.

Perhaps with these features the next version of Microsoft Private Folder could be a useful tool and sense of encouragement for those “Genuine” Windows Users.

Screenshot(s) and the setup program coming soon.

Update 1 7-17-2006 – 8:46 P.M.: Screenshots and grammer correction.

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 Desktop Icon

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 Login Window

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 Folder Window

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 Taskbar Icon

Screen Shots from Top to Bottom: Private Folder Desktop Icon, Login Box for Microsoft Private Folder , Private Folder Window, and Private Folder Taskbar Icon

Update 2 – 9:48 P.M. – 7-17-2006: Added Link

Download Version 1.0 of Microsoft Private Folders (

Update 3 – 7-18-2006 – 11:37 P.M.: Now you can click on the window picture thumbnail for a full screen version.

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Suscribe Via E-Mail

Do you want technology news delivered to your inbox?  Well now you can.

Tech. Bn.Ar.Fh. now allows you to suscribe to the blog via e-mail and you will recieve a message every time there is a new blog post.

Just click on the link to the right.

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Different Blogging Tools

Being a writer for a blog is hard work. Since I plan to focus on technology, I thought I’d post about the technology of blog writing and the tools I use.

There are many different services that will host a blog for you such as:

  • (My choice uses a custom WordPress Software)
  • Blogger ( by Google)
  • LiveJournal
  • TypePad
  • AOL Journal
  • MSN Spaces (
  • Yahoo! 360 (
  • Drupal
  • Performancing, Helping Bloggers Succeed (A Full Blogging Service Provider – discussed later.)

Some such as TypePad, WordPress, Drupal, and LiveJournal can be hosted on your own server. For example, uses WordPress to host their news blog. The blog is hosted on Team 117’s Server. The administration interface is similar but more extensible and not tailored to features due to the ability to add plugins and edit files on the server.

Posts can be added through the administrative interface of the tool or by using other tools that access the Blogging services API (Application Programming Interface) to edit posts published to the blog.

For example, this post is posted usingFlock ( Flock is a web browser based off Mozilla Firefox; however, it has improved feed reading, and Web 2.0 features such as support for the Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go homeFlickr ( photo-sharing service and improved bookmarks. The browser provides an easy to use editor to post pictures and I was able to copy the two pictures from the Internet into Flock’s “shelf” and then later add them to the blog post.

Anther tool for those who use Mozilla Firefox (and also the Flock Browser) is the Performancing extension ( It essentially brings the features of Flock into a extension with a slightly different user interface.

Finally, for the more adventurous types Microsoft recently release the Office 2007 Beta and Microsoft Word 2007 has blog posting features. (Probably more on Office 2007 in a future post.)

Hopefully, these tools will make this blog a place for frequently updated news.

Update – 7-2-2006 – 9:07-9:24: Removed invalid link, improved capitalization, added link to performancing extension, and added category.

Update 2: Added note that Perfomancing also runs in Flock, and spelling corrections.

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Blogged with Flock

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Adobe Flash 9.0.16 for Linux Progress Blog

Well, since there are no reccommendations (other than mine) at this time, I thought for those of you who are interested in the Linux Operating System world, Mike Melanson in his blog: Penguin.SWF ( says that Adobe is working on releasing Flash Player 9 for Linux.

Personally, I hope they actually are able to release something as the flash player is a few years old. This will hep Linux users enjoy the most up to date interactive content.

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Welcome to bnarfh’s web log. This will hopefully be a great resource for news in the technology world. What would you like to see here?

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